Boss’s Day Wishes

Boss’s Day Wishes: Many believe Boss’s Day and event to inform and show the boss what you think of them. However, you don’t really wish to do so, do you? Not in such hard times, rather than unless you would like to get fired following Monday.

Therefore you’re left with a moral dilemma: if you tell the truth lie? The Sheepy discovered a middle way. Below are ten things that you can say, without being fearful of the boot (but do not be afraid of the hoof).

National Boss Day Wishes

  1. “Thanks for all the keen insights on how NOT to manage people.”
  2. “Thanks for using your expense account to buy our holiday gifts — at least we got something decent this year.”
  3. “Thanks for always thinking of us. We’ve come to love and cherish the leftover danish from your meetings, given that that’s about all we ever get. Happy Boss’s Day!”
  4. “Thanks for running such a tip-top ship. From the copy machine on up, this place is simply out of order. Happy Boss’s Day!”
  5. “Thanks for always keeping me in the loop. For example, I love how you come by my desk and tell me the coffee pot is empty every damn time. Happy Boss’s Day!”
  6. “Thanks for always stepping in front and taking the lead. You really know how to take credit for everyone else’s ideas and hard work. Happy Boss’s Day!”
  7. “Thanks for all your efforts. Such as the way you can just keep on talking about absolutely nothing and make those staff meetings drag on forever, to the point where everyone just wants to stab their own eyeballs out. Happy Boss’s Day!”
  8. A good boss is like chocolate. Quality ingredients, nothing artificial, and always appreciated! Too bad that I am allergic.
  9. On Boss’s Day, we’d like to pay you a compliment: you’ve sure got a great bunch of people working for you!
  10. Boss, Mark Twain said once: Great people are those who make others feel that they, too, can become great. But you wouldn’t understand.

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