Boss’s Day Poems

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Boss's Day Poems

Boss’s Day Poems

National Bosses Day Poems

  • Thank you for tolerating My occasional mistake
    And for the blind eye, you turn When I dash in late
    Thank you for your guidance When the chips are down
    And for getting no angrier Than a somewhat stern frown
    Have a terrific Boss’s Day
  • This Day is Special and it’s just for you
    To tell how much we appreciate you
    We cannot tell how happy we are
    To have the Boss the way you are
  • Doing special favors
    In a dozen different ways
    Looking out for others
    With no thought
    Of thanks or praise
    Treating workers like a family,
    Setting good examples, too
    These things make a wonderful boss
    And they all apply to you!
  • “This day is special and it’s just for you
    To tell how much we appreciate you
    We cannot tell how happy we are
    To have the boss the way you are
    We have someone who listens to us
    We have someone who guides us through
    The problems could have never been simple
    If you had not given us the confidence to fight them through
    You have accepted us the way we are
    You have made us perform and make that mark
    The joy of success has always prevailed
    Because the failure distinctively got nailed
    We are a team and we love to perform
    We like to take storm by its horns
    We now know how to rock
    Because we are lucky to have you as our boss
    This day is special and it’s just for you
    To tell how much we appreciate you
    We cannot tell how happy we are
    To have the boss the way you are”
Boss's Day Poems

Boss’s Day Poems

Thank You Boss Poems

1.A Great Boss
You communicate what I need to accomplish
Your expectations, and what is great looks like
This helps me succeed and my career flourishes
And feeds my inner motivations and psyche.

Having you to talk to is important to me
Sometimes I just need to vent
It is comforting that you don’t get angry
When I complain about good intentions.

It is nice to win, to succeed, to prevail
In the face of Gibraltar sized barriers
Thanks for ensuring we do not derail
On the way to becoming performance leaders.

A great boss knows all these things
And makes team success a top priority
You make a difference and improve work’s meaning
And for that, I thank you wholeheartedly!

Eager to float that ship upon our ocean
– By Unknown Author

2.Thank You for Your Support 
Angels lift us to our feet when our wings have
trouble remembering how to fly
You’ve been an angel
Such support, an aide, a crutch
A friend, not just in fair weather but foul
And I’m grateful ever so much
– By Micki.

3. I know that when you lead, we succeed,
Because you know what to do,
To be a Boss takes a special breed,
I guess you know that too.
It takes confidence and a steady hand,
To control a successful operation,
The ability to listen and understand,
When those you lead need calibration.
Being a Boss is more than supervision,
It requires common-sense indeed,
And we thank you for that vision,
Because when you lead we succeed.

Boss's Day Poems

Boss’s Day Poems

Bosses Day Poems Funny

1.If Oscars were given to bosses
I’d nominate you
If Olympic medals were won by bosses
Your Gold is overdue
If Nobel Prizes were awarded to bosses
You would have quite a few
If Honorary degrees were granted to bosses
You’d have some of them too.

2. Dear Boss, I wish you well this year.
And well upon your way from here.

May soon you land on distant shores.
Where they won’t let you pray before.

They sacrifice your scrawny butt.
And hang your head above a hut.

Next to the tribal eating place.
Where you are served up after grace.

3.“That special boss, you work for
A Special poem from all of us
There are many bosses in this world, but
None of them can compare how special you are, to all of us
You have that special quality that lets each of us,
Be ourselves, even when we may overbearing at times, it seems.
You have that special quality that doesn’t change any one of us,
Only to enhance and bring out the best qualities in each of us,
And we all thank you for that.
You are a very special
Boss to all of us!
Happy Boss Day!”

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